Racism among the black race?

Now I must admit that I have experienced racism in one form or another throughout my life and it no longer surprises me.  What did surprise me was to find black groups that can rival anything the KU KLUX KLAN has to offer. The first thing they did was call me a ‘Coon’( hope I have the spelling right) a word that I had not come across till then at least not in the way it was used. It seems this word was used to describe the Negro ass lickers who kissed the feet of their white slave masters to gain favour. While I had not done such a thing given the fact that I was born way after slavery, some people still felt that I qualified for this title because I have been happily married to a white man for 19 yrs and counting.

The fact that I was and still am in love with this man did not make an impression on this group. Their point is, you should only marry someone from your race. This people described two great African leaders as follows:

The late president of South Africa Nelson Mandela, was a sellout because he did not evict or kill all the white people. Martin Luther King Junior did nothing for the black people because he did not advocate violence. In fact he was an idiot.

Should you not fight fire with fire? But that is a point for another time.

The racism that I discovered in those two groups boggles the mind. Should black people not know better? As people who have firsthand experience with racism should they not know the evil of this practice?  How can we as  a people teach our children to hate based on another person’s colour? Was it not enough that we were called monkeys and treated as sub-humans simply because our race? Do we want revenge, retribution or are we simply not smart enough to understand that though racism still exists today it belongs nowhere in our world? How can we teach our children hate in any way and expect them not to suffer the consequences? I am a firm believer that hate eats us from within and that those who carry it cannot go unscathed. I also know that those who hate me because I am black or those who hate my husband because he is white are lesser beings of little intelligence who have no place in my heart. How can it be smart to hate that which you do not know? Some people blame race for all if not most of their problems and I try to avoid that. If someone calls me a bastard I step back and try to reason whether I was being a bastard or not. I do not automatically assume that the reason for the insult was my race. Maybe the guy/girl was having a bad day and would have insulted me even if I had been white.

I want my daughter to marry the man she loves regardless of his race, religion or gender. The most important thing is that my daughter should find her definition of happiness and live it. She should be proud of whom she is and she should know where she came from and where her people before her came from. I hope to teach my daughter the history of the blacks and the history of the whites in the hope that she will learn from their mistakes and not repeat the errors of our forefathers. For many in our world equality is a myth that they may never experience in their life time. For those of us who have had the good fortune to experience a world still striving for all kinds of equality let us not destroy it for our children by teaching them to hate BASED ON THE COLOUR OF THE SKIN.

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