Sex doll ‘brothel’: Paris council to decide on future of Xdolls games centre

  • 19 March 2018

The owner of Xdolls says his sex dolls are like sex toys and do not degrade women (file picture

Paris councillors are due to decide on the future of a business where clients are charged €89 ($109; £78) to spend an hour with a silicon sex doll, local media report.

Communist councillors and feminist groups have been calling for the closure of Xdolls.

Currently, Xdolls is registered as a games centre, but opponents argue it is effectively a brothel.

Owning or operating a brothel is illegal in France.
“Xdolls conveys a degrading image of the woman,” he is quoted as saying in Le Parisien.

He and his fellow councillors are calling for a ban on Xdolls, saying operates like a brothel.

Mr Lousquy says the dolls are sex toys and that he does not see them as degrading to women.

Lorraine Questiaux, lawyer and spokesperson for a Paris feminist association, says “that in France, every year, there are 86,000 women raped”


Sonisay’s: So a sex doll brothel? Interesting concept.


Brothel a house or other place where men pay to have sexual intercourse with prostitutes

prostitute is a person, usually a woman, who has sex with men in exchange for money.

I am not entirely sure what is wrong with this picture. A man operates what he refers to as a gaming place where men can have sex with dolls. Some people say ‘that is a brothel’ but a brothel is a place where men pay for prostitutes.  Prostitutes are people, more often than not they are women. So since when did dolls become women?

Some people say that people go to Xdolls to rape the dolls. Can we really say that along with animals and people it is possible to abuse dolls?

While others suggest that it encourages people to rape women. In my opinion, rapists are rapists, evil, vile sadistic creatures that prey on weaker people for sexual gratification.

Real rapists with money will not go to Xdolls  because they do not want consensual sex, the act of violence and power is what excites them and let’s face it, rape though sexual is not an act of sex, it is an act of violence.

Real rapist, without money will not go to Xdolls to begin with. They have no money and they also need or want violence in the act. So can a doll fight back?

I am not sure how sex dolls are degrading to women.

Vibrators have been in the market for as long as I can remember. Most vibrators, at least in the earlier days, were made for women to get sexual gratification in the absence of men and to my knowledge no one has said that vibrators are degrading to men or women for that matter. So how are the Xdolls different from Vibrators. Both cost money for sexual gratification in the absence of a human.

Is it not better for men to go to an Xdoll “brothel” as opposed to the real deal? I have heard of cases where a prostitute claims child support from a former client.

Without “Jons” (a term sometimes used to refer to prostitute’s male clients), there would not be prostitutes. No demand no business. Is it not better to direct all Jons to Xdolls, at least for those who are offended by prostitution or who want to protect their daughters, sisters or women in general?

Prostitution one of the world’s oldest profession, more on that later.






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