Homosexuals, are they for real?

I have lost count of the number of times I have spoken to people who really believe that homosexuality is an invention of the modern world that is normalized by press.

So is this our invention? Apart from the fact that if the bible is to be believed, the story of Sodom and Gomorrah dates back at least 2000 years, and the ancient Greek depiction of same sex relationships go back to 600BC, I had the good fortune to meet a gay man called John, so I asked him “Did you decide to become gay?”

Needless to say John was shocked by my ignorance but he kindly explained that being gay is not a choice. According to him, he was a happy little boy who played football like all the boys his age; that is until he reached puberty and started to find his male playmates attractive. He knew this was not acceptable in our world so he tried to fancy girls but it did not work. He could not talk to anyone about his feelings because his father was a preacher and the subject was taboo. So he did the right, dated girls that he was not attracted too and even made a poor attempt to have sex with a girl, and his words not mine, “It was a disaster. I made it through by fantasizing about my best friend – a guy”. John hated being homosexual, he hated having sexual feelings for men and he hated being what was considered abnormal. He hated his life. “Why can’t I love girls?” My life would be so much easier” He thought often. But John knew he had to fight those feelings in order to fit in and be accepted both by society and family. So he went all macho and tried to conform to the heterosexual norm. He did not hold back, he got tattoos, joined the gym in a bid to look manlier and even enlisted in the army. To top it all, he married a woman. He liked her but he was not sexually attracted to her or to any woman for that matter. Three years and two kids later, he had managed to ruin not just his life, but hers as well. It was not a happy home. Suicide was an option but John chose life. He divorced his wife and married his dream man……happily ever after.

Sadly John’s story is not a fairy tale, there are many Johns in our world, people whom we choose to discriminate against because of their sexual orientation. Sometimes we even result to violence against them in order to express how unacceptable they truly are. So what drives this discrimination? It cannot be the bible because the bible say’s “let him who is without sin among you be the first to cast a stone at her.” So what makes us think that we are holier than thou, how many laws of Moses do we break every day?

Sonisays that our world is so fucked up that the sexual perversions boggle the mind. Men and women who are turned on by the weirdest things like dressing up in baby clothes (diapers included), masochists who get turned on by feeling physical pain, sadomasochists who get turned on by inflicting physical pain, even people who get turned on by being pissed on, and worst of all paedophiles. The latter prefer to fuck kids and in my opinion do not deserve human rights.  What I wonder, is why it should bother us when two consenting adults do their thing behind closed doors? Is it not time to wake up and smell the coffee? Homosexuality is not going away no matter how often we shout “EVIL” from the room tops. If we are looking for evil, let us look at paedophiles. Even with all my sins, I would be the first to cast the first of many stones.

We don’t have to like homosexuals, we don’t have to agree personally with homosexuality, and we certainly don’t have to have sex with them. Having said that, I do believe that it is the right of all consenting adults to have sex in whatever form they choose. And we must respect their wish to run their lives as they see fit and treat them with the same respect that we all deserve.

And ladies, gay men make the best girlfriends and unless your guy is an undercover gay, he is safe with your new best friend.

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